Customized design and manufacture of voltage regulation products.

60 years developing and manufacturing voltage regulators as well as all kinds of toroidal transformers.

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We develop and manufacture all kinds of products for voltage regulation.

At Torivac you will find a wide range of high-power voltage regulators and other products for voltage regulation.

Multitude of sizes and formats, as well as customized products, for which we use 3D modelling, with the advantage of being able to carry out simulations in both the design and development phases. Contact us.

  • From toroidal voltage variator to toroidal adjustable autotransformers.
  • Choke, Selfs, potentiometers, toroidal rheostats, toroidal cores.
  • Safety sockets, fuse holders, control buttons, led holders.
  • Encapsulated coils for vibrators and toroidal transformers.


Do you need a Customized design or manufacture?

We are specialized in the design and manufacture of customized voltage regulation equipment. Our technological innovations allow us to offer real simulations in each part of the process, for a unique result.


Specialists in the design and manufacture of customized voltage regulation products.


Do you have a project? Write to us and we will help you to make it real.